In 1990 Gianna Farina and Marco Gorini have combined their common vision, passion for art, love for nature and food giving rise to STRATO, a new way to live the common spaces of the house.

The search for unconventional shapes and the love for sculptural forms that has always characterized our products, has led STRATO to develop a manufacturing process that allows combining different materials such as metals with natural stones or precious woods, creating unique pieces with sculptural shapes, pure and functional.

Our philosophy is to create work that reflects uniqueness and authenticity. Pieces that are often unique, that can surprise for their simplicity and that do not flaunt their value, as if they wanted to save it for the few who know how to recognize and appreciate it. The strictness of classicism and the strong modernity that inspire the work of STRATO, transform into timeless works that fall outside the canons of ephemeral fashion trends. 

In order to guarantee these characteristics, each project is personally taken care of at every stage. 

STRATO is the owner of intellectual and industrial property rights as each STRATO product is recognizable by the pure sculptural forms, refined materials and manual finishes.

Copyright 2022 STRATO. All rights reserved.

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