Eclettica, a kitchen boasting extraordinarily original lines, originated from a long research and passion for quality and sophistication. Eclettica takes artistic purity and gives it expression, in its unique elliptical lines. With its large shapes, Eclettica features a rotating centerpiece and 180° opening which allows separate use of the cooking and clean-up areas. The strict linearity of the two operating areas, distinguished by their essential shapes, contrasts with the curves of the elliptical element and the irregularity of the wood grain which covers much of the surface. Eclettica sees the kitchen as being formally re-evaluated and reinvented, transformed into an environment which reflects the style and personality of its owner. Eclettica stands for a convivial spirit, an exclusive mixture of design and functionality, unafraid to be completely different from everything else. 

Design STRATO Marco Gorini, 2009

Ph Pino Musi

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